Read before posting!!!
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Author:  Jemiol [ Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Read before posting!!!

Here's the application template..... (copy, paste & fill out the blanks)

Real Name:


Game Name:


Skill Level (1=worse, 10=Best):

Previous Clans(If any):

What made you leave your last Clan?(Again if any):

How did you hear of us?:

How often do you play?:

What benefits will you give the Clan?:

What do you like about our Clan?:


If you choose not to disclose some information, we understand but please try to fill in all the sections, or if not, give a reason for not filling in a particular section.

Please create a new topic here in this forum with "Your game name Application" as the title

Please also note we are a clan for fun, we used to play in a BF3 tournament and have friendly scrims on BF4 but these are all for fun and not taken seriously.

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