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Author:  LordOfKaos [ Mon Apr 07, 2014 12:28 pm ]
Post subject:  TOD Member Rules

These rules are for all TOD members and recruits to adhere to. These rules were debated and decided upon by the Council. Should you have issues with any of them let one of us know by PM.

- The golden rule: This clan is about having fun together so try and have fun :)

- The trial period for recruits is 1 months

- 3 no votes with a recruit on a trial, they will fail the trial.

- If you leave the clan we will not accept a re-application until at least 1 months has passed since you departed.

- All TOD members should try and set an example while playing on our server and using our TS. A bit of banter (joking) is fine but avoid abusing random players in all forms/modes of chat.

- Obey our server rules or we can't expect anyone else to obey them.

- Foul language in the chat box and in game is to be kept to a minimum. We don't expect saints but try to minimise it in public areas please.

- Try to keep posts on the forum on topic (no hijacking)

- Clan meets ups/Matches/Games nights/Hardcore nights ect, should be fully encouraged and supported.

- A members ping is your own responsibility so sort it out please before coming on (Below 150)

- Try not to complain too much on TS particularly in the game channels. We are all here to have fun and it's hard to have fun if people are lowering the mood on ts. If you have serious concerns about an issue, contact our clan mediator Wolfy.

- The whole set up is run by donations so please give what you can.

- When you wear our tags you are representing our clan and as such should behave accordingly on other servers.

- Do not abuse any administrative powers you have.

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