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 Post subject: Divinity Original Sin - Coop
PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:47 pm 
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I finished this game with a friend of mine a couple of days ago. It took us 90ish hours to complete the game, so needless to say we didn't do this in one sit through. We both have tendencies to want to complete games as close to 100% as we can when it comes to quests and story so we had alot of going back and forth looking for things.

All of the games' content is playable by design as a coop experience. I didn't feel it was playable in coop at launch because of the way dialogues worked, those problems have been fixed and I can now recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a 2 player experience.

Note: I would not recommend this as a singleplayer game: It is playable as one and the game is good regardless, but there are many aspects of the game, mainly around dialogues that are lost when playing alone.

In short, it's a semi open world rpg set in a fantasy universe, with magic, orcs, goblins, undead, weresheep and more. The dialogues feature choices in which the two players can disagree. Disagreements are settled through actual rock paper and scissors and the decisions the characters make give them certain psychological traits which affect the gameplay (very) slightly.

With the exception of a few cutscenes with a little bit of narration, all of the dialogues and quests are done through text, so reading will be required. One of the changes that were made to improve the coop was that the second player can "listen in" to the conversation the other player is having by being able to read what player 1 and the npc are saying to each other if he wishes to do so and is close enough.

Note: There is alot of text. It's well written, often witty, but you will find yourself spending alot of time reading text in order to figure out where you need to go. There are very little helpers when it comes to directions on the map and quest markers and alot of puzzles have clues hidden in text. Most of the directions you will get will be of the likes of "east of this, north of that".

The two players are only restricted to being in the same zones, these are fairly large so it's possible to wander about: One can go exploring while the other one talks to npcs, or goes into combat. Combat will not be forced onto both players if one of them starts it unless both are in the vicinity, and battles started by one player can be joined at any point in time if player 2 comes close enough. The combat is turn based (without a grid) and there's alot of play around elements, surfaces of water or blood conducting electricity, or evaporating when in contact with fire to create steam, blocking vision, poison exploding in contact with flames etc...

TotalBiscuit made a video of it in it's (very) early stages, so although it's alot better than it was at the time, it's visually pretty close to what it is now:


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